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Wish I'd Designed This

When shopping for party wine this past holiday season, I stumbled upon this gorgeous bottle label. Yes. As a designer, I sometimes try wines because of the label. As I am attracted to all things moon-related, you can see the appeal.

One month later, I finally opened it. First thoughts: "This is the smoothest wine I've ever tasted." Second thought: "If I'm going to be drinking wine again, this is the wine I choose."

Upon further investigation, and to my great delight, I found out that the wine is made by a woman. YES!

Nicole Walsh is a star winemaker with 23 vintages making wine. She has an abundance of 90 plus scores and is a respected leader in the Women Owned Winery Movement .

I don't need any more encouragement to enjoy this wine whenever I can, but the back label really did it for me. My new mantra:


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