We bring art-making to you!

In the workplace...

(Ask about zoom meetings!)


Create a community of resourceful employees that learn to tap into their own creativity.

Participation in creativity workshops in the visual arts helps employees:

  • Solve problems efficiently and creatively

  • Develop keen observation skills

  • See the bigger picture as well as details

  • Foster openness to new ideas

  • Adapt more easily to change

  • Find innovative ways to meet new challenges

  • Promote better communication, trust and respect

  • Improve office morale

  • Develop confidence in expressing new ideas

Workshops can be designed for the individual or as a team-building exercise. They can be tailored to fit a breakfast or lunch meeting, or after work project. Workshops can last an hour or two, or be extended over a longer period of time for more involved projects.

Make your next corporate meeting or retreat memorable as well as productive. 

We provide workshops that foster imaginative thinking, team building, and creativity through hands-on art projects. Held at corporate retreats the projects can be designed to cover 1 or 2 days or just a couple of hours at the end of a long day of meetings. Taking time to digest what what was discussed while making art with colleagues is a good way to end the day and recharge for the upcoming sessions. Working with the retreat coordinator, we will design a workshop tailored to your time and space based on your company’s mission and goals for the retreat.

What would YOU like to make today?

We are constantly changing and evolving as more artists and organizations get involved.  These are just a few of our current workshop descriptions. Please contact us for further information or to schedule a meeting.

Artistic Trading Cards

This is a great way to start any workshop. It frees you up and gets your hands moving. Make is a 15 minute add-on to another workshop.


Artists Trading Cards are miniature artworks about the same size as modern trading cards or baseball cards, (2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches). Starting with a large sheet of paper that has been taped out in a grid, participants are encouraged to use the whole sheet of paper, not focus on individual rectangles. The magic happens when the tape is removed, revealing a series of mini-masterpieces.

Start the project as a team building exercise by swapping the sheets of paper during the process...everyone gets a hand in every piece. Then continue the workshop as everyone gets their own sheet of paper.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have at least one (probably more) artist cards that they can trade throughout the company. Make it an ongoing project for a month or two and then have us back to mount a show of all the tiny paintings! 


Mini Books

Start with your own writing, something you overheard, and funny expression that you like, or use something that already exists. Cut it up from found text, or handwrite it in your book. 

Illustrate your words however you want, or use the words themselves as illustration. 


Give some thought to words or writings that you like before you come, and bring your word resources. We will provide paper, colored pencils, needle and thread, ephemera and embellishments and encourage you to bring your own.

I made these books from the following supplies I purchased at Walmart when I made the grievous error of thinking I could travel for two weeks without making anything. 

Make art with whatever you have on hand. Using what I had in the kitchen of my Airbnb I dyed the paper and fabric using:

  • blueberries

  • onion skin

  • tea (I also ended up using the tea pods)

  • coffee

The books were made to fit a box I found at an antique store in Cashiers NC.

Recycled Sweater and Stick Creatures

This project involves using sticks, foil, tape, wool and glue to create imaginative creatures. We will provide a variety of sticks and stick armatures for participants to choose from as the basis of their creature.