We bring art-making to you!

In the workplace...


Art for the "Non-Artist"

Our goal is to help everyone nurture their inner creativity and initiate sustainable creative practices for individuals, organizations, companies and communities through a variety of art workshops. 


Carry box includes:

  • 11x14 Strathmore drawing pad

  • Set of 24 acrylic paints

  • Set of 36 chalk pastels

  • 36 piece color pencils

  • Set of 5 glitter glue sticks

  • 4oz Elmers Glue bottle

  • Set of brushes, sponges

  • White artist tape

  • Clear acrylic ruler

  • Scissors

  • Air dry paper clay

  • Idea sheet for other projects

What's in the Box?

The pandemic has caused us to rethink how we supply our workshops. In the past we provided shared materials, but have decided instead to provide each participant with their own carrying box of art supplies. Aside from stopping the spread of germs, this also encourages each budding artist to develop an art practice on their own that will provide stress relief through creativity. 


Is your company getting ready to partner with Shoot the Moon on an upcoming design project? Will there be a group of people involved in the final decision-making? Starting with a simple project such as the artist trading cards can get the creative juices flowing and provide a background for brainstorming before we being the creative vision to life!