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Shoot the Moon in the Age of Covid

Shoot the Moon has always been a home-based business, so when Maryland instituted stay-at-home orders last year, not much changed in the way I do businesses.

Not so for my husband, who works as the Creative Design Manager at McCormick.

As an incredibly social man, he very much enjoys a group work environment, but in early March 2020, his department was instructed to work from home for an undetermined length of time.

Suddenly, my creative studio was no longer the solitary environment to which I had become accustomed.

Re-thinking the space

Having my favorite person in the room with me all day has its pros and cons – he would tell you the same. My work schedule is very relaxed, but he is often working on a tight deadline. So when I want to sit back and chat, he has to remind me that he is trying to work. When I am concentrating on writing, he may be on a call – loudly.

One of the first things I did was to purchase Bose noise-cancelling headphones. When setting up the Bluetooth, my computer asked me what to call the new device. “Sanity” I immediately typed.

When I need a break, I like to watch funny videos online. Like this one. (It's graphic design related, so I'm working, right?) The other day I was laughing so hard I was crying, only to look over and see my husband glaring at me. I uncovered one ear. “What?”

“I’m trying to work here.”

I went online and ordered him the same noise-cancelling headphones.

Now he goes in to his office a couple days a week, and I run wild – blaring music, watching my favorite late-night comedians without headphones while I do mundane tasks, and rearrange the studio. My husband never knows what his workstation will look like when he comes home in the evening. The other day he asked me to please stop throwing his things away and tidying up his desk. Hah! Like that will happen.

No In-Person Meetings

I’ve been very lucky to be able to continue to work during Covid. I recently completed an annual report working only through email exchanges and one zoom call. It was for a client that I had worked with before, so that helped.

And honestly? My online new clothes shopping has been limited to 2 new pairs of sweat pants and 5 new white t-shirts. I call it my business uniform. It's great. And my normally VERY well dressed husband has also embraced the sweat pant lifestyle when he's home.

I have to admit that Covid has given me the excuse I always wanted to avoid driving to lengthy in-person meetings, when the same thing can be accomplished via phone or video calls.

Business Pivot

The past year has given me time to think about my priorities. I’ve been talking my 94 year old mother through the isolation of senior living, seen family members lose their primary sources of income, and commiserated with friends about the state of the world in general.

This has made me want to do more good in the community, whether it be one-on-one time with friends who need a shoulder to cry on, or helping struggling artists and organizations. Going forward, Shoot the Moon will be focusing on non-profit organizations, emerging artists, and local businesses with a community focus.

Thankfully, my husband’s corporate job allows me the luxury to pursue this new business model while we share office space. Thank you, noise-cancelling headphones.

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