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Maryland Book Bank 

Client: Irvine Nature Center

Shoot the Moon renewed our partnership with the Irvine Nature Center in 2017 produced their Annual Report and Corporate Member Appeal. In early 2018 we begin laying the design groundwork for that year's Pumpkins on the Green event, with a save the date card.

Project: Re-branding Initiative

As Irvine prepared to move to the new location in July 2008, Shoot the Moon was contracted to design and manage their across-the-board branding initiative, including a new logo, membership brochures, newsletters, program booklets, invitations and annual reports that enhanced and supported the new brand.

Client: University of Maryland Medical School

Project: Shock Trauma Department Annual Report


When the Shock Trauma Department decided to do their first Annual Report in 10 years, they contacted the Anesthesiology Department for a referral. Working with the Shock Trauma’s leadership team, Shoot the Moon developed the current Annual Report using the original team for Anesthesiology that included copywriter, photographer and printer, who were already familiar with the Medical Center and many of the main players in the annual report.

Project: Department of Anesthesiology Annual Report


In 2009 Shoot the Moon was contacted by the University of Maryland Medical School Department of Anesthesiology to design the department’s first-ever Annual Report. Department Head, Peter Rock, M.D. wanted the project to highlight each division within Anesthesiology, report the research for the year, and give credit to all the people who make up the department. Along with being informative about the past year, the Annual Report was designed to recruit potential residents.


The 2009 Annual Report was well received, and Shoot the Moon has been given that project for the subsequent years. The publication has continued to evolve, becoming more useful as a marketing piece, with patient or physician stories taking up the bulk of the book, and yearly division updates becoming more succinct and to the point.

Client: One Love Foundation

Project: Awareness Brochure


Shoot the Moon was hired by One Love Foundation’s marketing firm to produce a brochure that would raise the awareness of the organization’s mission to prevent relationship violence, and its programs that were available to students and teachers.


Working within the Foundation’s budget we used existing photography, did copywriting in-house, and found the best printer for the project. Digital printing allowed for a small run at low cost and the result was a small-scale, full-color brochure with pocket and two-color customizable inserts, which is easily distributed in person or by mail.

Client: Robert Packard Center

for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins


Project: Fundraising Brochure and Brand Management


One of our most successful client relationships has been with the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at  Johns Hopkins. Shoot the Moon was initially referred to Packard through another client when they were ready to go to press with an Annual Fund brochure that was rejected by the head of the Brain Science Institute at the last minute.


Not wanting to go back to the original designer, they contacted us to create something totally new on a very tight schedule. We were able to provide a fast-turnaround on a new design that pleased everyone and a new relationship started.


When the Packard Center decided to launch a new fundraising and awareness campaign, Shoot the Moon was selected from a number of design firms bidding on the job. We were told that we were not the least expensive, but that our excitement about the project and dedication to their business model made us the best candidate.


Shoot the Moon continues to produce a variety of materials for the Packard Center, including Annual Fund appeals, special event logos, and email marketing messages.

Book Design

Cathy Evans is a voracious reader. She likes books. She likes how they feel, how they smell, how they sound. A perfect outing for her is a trip to the local bookstore where she can browse covers, coffee table books, and children’s books.

Children’s book author and illustrator Kevin O’Malley asked his publishers specifically to have Cathy design his books. She is currently working with him on a series of sports-related books.

Founded in 1975, Inner Traditions is a leading publisher of books on indigenous cultures, perennial philosophy, visionary art, ancient mysteries, spiritual traditions of the East and West,holistic health and healing, and self-development.

2018 Annual Report: 

A World of Possibilities


2019 Annual Report: 

Growing to the Moon and Back


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