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New Opportunities for Jamie

We work with many of our clients for years, developing close relationships and even becoming friends. Our client base expands to new companies when our clients move from one place to the next, continuing to use Shoot the Moon at their new organization.

This time an organization is literally taking one of us with them. Four years ago McCormick hired Shoot the Moon to put a designer in place at their corporate office to manage their anniversary year branding. Since then Jamie Frailey has become invaluable to the company, managing a variety of projects from corporate logo use, and publications to in-house signage and artwork. He has been instrumental in helping to establish a McCormick archive, and helping build the brand identity.

Jamie was so embedded in the organization that many people he worked with at McCormick did not realize that he was not actually a McCormick employee! Well that has now been rectified and as of Monday, August 29, Jamie is officially employed by McCormick. Although I will miss having him as a partner here, we will BOTH enjoy the benefits of a steady paycheck and health insurance benefits. All of you self-employed people know what I mean!

Congratulations Jamie!!!! You are an invaluable asset to any company.

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