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Living the Dream: 10 Great Things About Working From Home

My daughter had a friend visiting last night. Both are recent art school graduates. At 7 pm I came downstairs and sat down with a sigh. “God, I’ve been working all day!” The friend was astonished and dismayed and said, “You are just getting home at 7?” My daughter laughed and informed her friend that I had just come from my upstairs office — I worked for myself. Her friend said, “Oh, so you are living the dream!”

That conversation made me sit back and say, “Yes. Yes, I am living the dream.”

This is something that I often take for granted, especially when the workday is long, deadlines are tight, and cash flow is unpredictable. So this morning, as I lay in bed at 8:30 (one perk) I decided to make a list of 10 great things about my life working from home. I realize that all of them have to do with making my own schedule. Here goes in no particular order.

1. When my children were young, I walked them to school, worked from 9 til 3, and was there for homework, dinner, and general hanging out. From elementary through high school. This also meant that they could have the summers that I had as a child. No camps, babysitters, structured time…just endless days of lazy play and sleeping in – for the kids and me!

2. I can go to the gym at off times when it is not crowded.

3. Napping. Quick 10 to 30 minutes after lunch and I am good to go.

4. Quitting time. Whenever I want.

5. Job security. I am not at the mercy of budget cuts, reorganization, or sales expectations. If I lose a client due to any of those things, it is up to me to find another one. I am accountable only to myself and my clients.

6. More time with my husband – because he has now partnered with me after 30 years working for other companies.

7. Walking my dogs – at the park, around the block, driving to the river; in the morning, in the afternoon, whenever. They are not crated because I am almost always here.

8. Sleeping in. Perk number one.

9. My other art. I am not just a graphic designer. I also work as a 3D artist in other mediums. My worktable is right next to my desk. When I am stuck on a design project, I can roll away from my computer and get my hands dirty. Each medium inspires the other.

10. Vacation time. There is no limit, except those I put on myself. No accounting for personal days, sick days, comp time.

Bottom line: I do what I want!

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