Client: O'Byrne Law, LLC 


O’Byrne Law, LLC is a boutique law practice concentrating in estate and special needs planning.  They practice with compassion and wanted the website to reflect that. 

Out of concern for their privacy, we used stock photography that represented their clients, rather than the actual clients. 

Aside from spreading the word about the firm, the owner Mary O'Byrne also wanted the site to be a place where parents and caregivers can find resources, including the Lifecycle Approach to caring for a child.  Eventually the site will expand through a FAQs page explaining  terms that a client may encounter when beginning their search for Estate Planning. 

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We do websites.

Client: Pinehurst Wine Shoppe

Pinehurst Wine Shoppe desperately needed to update their website. The owners wanted to highlight their superior wine knowledge as well as their extensive collections of craft beer and spirits.


As a small locally owned business they know their customers, and invite them to play a game of chess, attend beer and wine tastings while the Orioles are on the television, bring the dog, and generally hang out in this welcoming environment.

Along with general business information, he owners wanted a website with a calendar of events, lists of beer in stock, and a way to collect emails to send out special announcements to their customers.

Client: Phoenix Wildlife Center


The Phoenix Wildlife Center is preparing to enter its 17th year of service with a Capital Campaign to raise money for its new location.


As a long time volunteer for the organization, Cathy Evans jumped at the chance to help them create a website as an appeal to donors, as well as providing a wealth of information about local wildlife and what to do when you find an orphaned or injured animal.

Client: Creative Wellness


Creative Wellness is designed to provide art

involvement and enrichment to positively impact employees, businesses, retirees and students by providing various hands-on creative workshops 

on location for our clients.

This business is an offshoot of Shoot the Moon. We offer on-location, hands-on workshops for our clients in order to get those creative juices flowing!

Client: The Baltimore Bowmen


Not many people know that there is an archery club located in Baltimore County. The small group of member-archers needed a site where they could advertise special events, create a calendar of ongoing events, and really just let people know who they were and what they do. 

Members include both bow hunters and recreational target shooters. Supervised children are welcome, and the club wanted to ensure that the public knows that they are family-friendly.

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