Integrated branding is our specialty.

Client: Inner Harbor Wellness

Project: Logo, website, marketing postcards


The idea behind the name of Inner Harbor Wellness is that everyone has a safe harbor, or stillness inside that can be accesses through creativity, mindfulness and meditation. Once the original logo was designed, it was then adapted to be specific to programs for children, adults and veterans. We created a website that supported this idea, as well as setting up a facebook page where the client can promote classes and special events.

Client: The Whit Harvey Group


Project: Re-Brand and Website/Ongoing Marketing Materials


The Whit Harvey Group wished to change the perception that they only handled exclusive properties and reach a wider audience.  The company already had a highly recognizable logo, however all of their letterhead was gold foil-stamped and embossed, adding to the inaccurate perception that they would not deal with lesser-priced properties. By subtly altering the logo, developing a new color palette, and adding the Coldwell Banker tagline, the logo was updated without losing established brand recognition.


Working with the agents, Shoot the Moon began a campaign to appeal to a wider variety of people through the use of photography and audience-friendly copy on the website. Casual portraits of the agents on the team and biographies on each allowed potential clients could get to know them. All of the copy was written in house, and Shoot the Moon continues to write the Whit Harvey Group blogs in order to keep the friendly, knowledgeable, helpful voice that has become inherent to the branding.  We continue to maintain the brand standards across a variety of materials including the team’s Facebook page, listing brochures and both print and electronic advertising.


Branding and Website for O'Byrne Law Offices


Mary O'Byrne, Esq. focuses on clients with special needs and the complications that come with their estate planning. She wanted her branding to reflect her focus on family, and for all of her materials to have a warm and welcoming feel. She did not want anything particularly "lawerly" such as bookcases and staid poses. 

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