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Need someone for your next project who won't drop the ball or go off the rails?

Then Jamie Frailey is your guy. 

Want to work with someone who brings years of experience and a joyful and willing attitude to every client? Jamie has been described as “the heart and soul” of any team, and has worked with all size organizations including prestigious companies such as Alex. Brown, Deutsche Bank and McCormick & Company. He is comfortable working with clients across all levels, from the C-Suite, to the HR department. Jamie has built lasting relationships with a global community of clients, and goes above and beyond what is expected of him at all times. Not just a 9-5 guy, he has taken work calls in the evenings, responded to urgent emails while on vacation, and adjusted his schedule to clients who live all over the world including Singapore or Australia.

Jamie is entering a new chapter in his career, as a consultant, design contractor, and project manager – or something completely different if the right opportunity presents itself. And he wants to work with YOU!

I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie for close to 10 years.  He is the epitome of professional and an amazing designer.  But what truly makes Jamie stand out is his positive, “can do” attitude and willingness to jump in and help with whatever needs done, with a big smile!  Jamie can always be counted on to get the job done, brilliantly, stress free and ahead of schedule.  He is a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have him.

- Karen Steelman, Executive Assistant, McCormick, Inc.

“Why would I NOT do everything I can to satisfy my clients? Their satisfaction is my number one priority.” -Jamie Frailey


Jamie works well with others. He will happily team up with you and any vendors that you like to work with. And if you need suggestions for building a team for your specific project, Jamie also has great working relationships with printers, photographers, and copywriters.

Quick to embrace new technology and ways of working that enable efficiencies within the creative environment, Jamie is well-versed at managing content in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system - he has uploaded and tagged 1000's of assets and has created and maintained several customized portals/collections for teams and colleagues across the globe.


Old ways of doing things don't result in new ideas. Be brave.

What does this mean for you? It means Jamie is truly a team player, who is willing to share his ideas, and welcomes input and insights during the process of creating with a team.

Jamie Frailey |  410.916.4317 |

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