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New Website. Old blogs.

The dangerous thing about being a graphic designer (at least for me) is that you can never stop playing around with your design. In the print world, there is a hard and fast deadline. It's over. It's printed. Stop looking at it and thinking, "What if I had done this or that?"

I am late to the party, having been a print designer for many years and depending upon those in the know to help me translate my ideas into websites. And I certainly continue to bow to their incredible expertise. I have no desire to do complex websites that require constant maintenance and require an extensive knowledge of html coding in order to troubleshoot error messages and enable back of the site programming.

But for myself, and for some of my smaller clients, who only need a simple site that gets their message across, I have found a friend in Wix.

This intuitive program allows me to design a website as though I am designing a print page...only better! I get to add movement and navigation that is not just turning a page! My color palette is extensive, unbounded, limitless. I don't need to worry about printing costs and production materials – its all right there!

Ah, yes. And there is the problem. First Shoot the Moon website was produced through custom coding by and expert who followed my design direction. Second website, same thing. Third iteration was recently completed by my web developer (who is great) in Wordpress. It looks good, but it doesn't move the way that I wanted it to when I first set it up in Wix. And besides, I've changed my mind about what I want it to look like and say. And I want to be able to change things instantly. When I want. Without having to ask someone or pay someone to do it for me. I never really got the hang of Wordpress. But that's me. Many people do and they love it.

Unfortunately I cannot import all of my Wordpress blogs directly into this one. I must copy and paste it one entry at a time. So I'm just going to start with the highlights today. And gradually bring over many of my favorites. In the meantime, you can read everything I've ever posted here:

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